Safety and environment

Safety First. Scrap Second. 


We believe in safety at Trimarc Metals. Each employee receives a safety orientation, along with ongoing training, to ensure safe handling of all material. Keeping our equipment well maintained is an integral part of our safety at Trimarc Metals. All equipment is inspected pre- and post-trip to help ensure our employees’ safety. We focus on keeping drivers and customers safe during the removal of scrap material



We also believe in protecting the environment at Trimarc Metals. It is our duty in the scrap metal industry to put the environment first. Recycling is critical to replenishing our nations’ metal resources.

Proper handling and disposal of contaminated material is important for Trimarc Metals. We strive to exceed all federal, state and local environmental regulations governing the handling of contaminated material. We believe in scrapping the right way in order to help keep out millions of tons of material from landfills.